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Our Story

Digital Transformation has reset the competitive clock, meaning organisations across the world are starting the digital journey at the same time. This marks a major shift in the global business landscape.

Eframe Infomedia is poised to become a leader enabler in this transformational journey. Our Mission is to help leaders develop that vision and understand how they can succeed on the digital journey by positioning Environment, Health and Safety in line with other operational processes. Being a blended organization that nurtures creativity and technology, with more than 17 years of experience, we are committed to sustainable, next level performance. Our current focus is to align with the global vision of EHS by streamlining and creating customized workflows unique to each company and industry by providing bespoke safety solutions, backed by efficiency and commitment.

Our products and services intent to achieve sustained regulatory compliance by adapting best practices thereby not only improving operational performance but also improving Corporate Culture. Our mantra is measuring progress, becoming data-driven and building business sustainability by creation of a data-first culture, where the organization shifts to using real-time data and data visualizations to make decisions. This allows the business to react faster to market and customer changes thus Improve financial performance and brand equity & public brand perception.

Our EHS solutions help you to adopt and adapt to a safe work environment and long term sustainability. We are privileged to serve some of the biggest and diverse corporates across the globe.

EHS Solutions

Process Digitization Services

The digital transformation presents opportunities to incorporate new ways of managing EHS. Innovative technologies can help better ...

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Virtual Reality Based Simulation Tool

Safety Training has been revolutionised with virtual reality technology. With Virtual Reality (VR), it is now possible ...

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E-Learning Solution

E-learning is the next level learning solution, which allows employees to continue their professional development in a flexible, easy-to-access way. ...

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Virtual corporate training:

The new normal has necessitated that enterprises become agile and flexible so as to ensure employees can develop their skills even while working remotely. A number of ...

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Learning Management System

Today technology driven learning management systems are an integral part of any training and development department, designed to identify learning ...

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Audio Video (AV) Production

Human decision making requires emotional input and is based on auditory and imagery cues to make choices. So, clearly no technology is better at ...

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Animation/ Explainer video:

Creative short animated videos give viewers the flexibility to discover the best ways to make decisions, troubleshoot and solve problems or simply do their ...

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EHS Branding/Campaign

Future driven organisations structure their business to effectively achieve safety goals. However it can only work when customers and stakeholders ...

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Success Stories: Process Digitization Services

Vesuvius Safety Audit Tool(VSAT)

Safety audit is an evidence collecting process. Audit evidence is used to evaluate how well the audit criteria are being met. Audits must be both objective and independent and the audit ...

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e-Permit To Work (ePTW):

A Permit to Work System or PTW is a standard operational procedure to issue documented permission to perform tasks that are considered hazardous or non-routine. ...

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Contractor Management System (CMS)

Contractor management software helps to manage work that is outsourced to contract workers or subcontractors. Integrated Contractor Management System helps ...

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Standard Work Instruction (SWI)

All leading industries have their own standardized operation procedures for their core processes. In most cases, such processes are captured as texts which are based on manuals. These manuals ...

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Success Stories: Virtual Reality (VR) Training


There are strict compliance norms in case of Working at Height and Working at Scaffolds. This type of work requires optimal ...

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Jhajjar Power Ltd.

Industries are concerned about their employees’ safety incase of a fire emergency. In such condition, safe evacuation is the primary need. ...

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CEAT Ltd. wanted to make a safety first module for their employees, concerning factors, such as- Emergency Evacuation, Firefighting, ...

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Vesuvius India Ltd.

Eframe created a VR training module for refractory industry leader Vesuvius India Ltd. and focused on Transitional PPE assessment flow. ...

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Success Stories: Audio Video Production

Amazon Operational Safety:

Safety is now the top priority for any organization and Amazon, being a market leader, has resolved to guide their employees and visitors ...

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Vesuvius Steel Plant Operational Safety :

Vesuvius India Ltd. targeted at creating a video based training module for their contractual and permanent workforce to ...

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CEAT Operational Safety:

In a workshop of any company, risks are present at every step and this becomes a threat while performing any operation. So, it is necessary ...

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Coca-Cola Contractor Safety Videos:

Coca-Cola India wanted to make sure that their regular operation, loading and unloading process in ...

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Success Stories: EHS Branding/Campaign

Zero accident initiative for CEAT:

A safety conscious organization like CEAT Ltd wishes to keep its plant fully protected so that it’s employees can get a totally risk free environment. To ensure the same and to make ...

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Suraksha Veer - Road Safety Campaign by HUL:

As an employee friendly organisation Hindustan Unilever Limited was dismayed to lose a sales personnel to a tragic road mishap. This prompted the company ...

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A Change Initiative Campaign by Vesuvius:

Vesuvius faced challenges as their workforce were not at all initiated into safety culture. There was also a knowledge gap in understanding the workflow, which led ...

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COVID-19 awareness campaign:

The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for individuals, companies and countries. It necessitated widespread awareness about COVID-19 to combat ...

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CORE safety:

Vesuvius India Ltd. conducts many campaigns throughout the year. CORE safety was conceptualized by Eframe based on the four components of the word ‘CORE’ - Courage, ...

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Awareness campaign on importance of BWS (Beyond Work Safety) for HUL:

The requirement of Hindustan Unilever was to make the HUL employees aware about the importance of safety in life through the ‘Beyond Work’ ...

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Success Stories: eLearning Solution

Induction Training Module:

Vesuvius India Ltd. wanted to make their new employees aware about safety rules & regulations and general compliance practices ...

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Road Safety Training Module:

HUL decided to introduce a road-safety e-learning certification program among their employees as a part of their employee ...

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Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Training Module:

LOTO or Lock Out Tag Out is a critical procedure which is crucial for the Unilever operations team. ...

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Success Stories: Learning Management System

TCGLS LMS: POSH (Prevention Of Sexual Harassment)

Since the enactment of The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013, it is imperative for ...

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Success Stories: Virtual Corporate Training

Vesuvius Virtual Corporate Training:

Vesuvius decided to initiate a large scale corporate training program for its entire South Asia operations.

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