Contractor Management System (CMS)

Contractor management software helps to manage work that is outsourced to contract workers or subcontractors. Integrated Contractor Management System helps to drive excellence in various business processes and enable to have an organised and sustainable administrative control over the temporary workforce.


  • Managing change through excellence driven Business Processes enablers
  • Furnishing Administrative Controls (Enlistment of contractors, Live digital attendance system, Contractual employees’ repository)
  • Ensuring Legal Compliance (Gate Pass issuance, Individual medical data record)
  • Corroborating with HSE parameters (Skill evaluation & mapping, Induction training or accreditation)
  • Cost optimization through implementation of various administrative controls.


  • A Complete Repository of the temporary workforce.
  • Availability of Real time Manpower Deployment data
  • Online Approval mechanism
  • Actual shop floor footprint
  • Automatic OT & wages calculation