EHS Branding/Campaign:

Future driven organisations structure their business to effectively achieve safety goals. However it can only work when customers and stakeholders alike understand them, critically think about them before performing any work and utilise them properly. The right approach to develop this strategy would be branding about health and safety commitment, which will lead towards a long term sustainable initiative.

Eframe has designed personalized branding and campaigns for various organizations. These campaigns have generated awareness about the different safety strategies. The organizations want to promote zero tolerance in case of a safe work environment through the campaigns. Our safety awareness campaigns are created in such a way that gets people to analyze safety at all times, even outside of the workplace. It has to be borne in mind that - if differences in safety aren’t noticed, it might create difficulty at the workplace and campaigns are needed to be implemented to make people understand the need for safety.

Some of the notable safety awareness campaigns organized by Eframe are:

  • Suraksha Veer- A road safety campaign
  • Mission Zero Accidents - A campaign for decreasing accidents at workplace
  • Change Initiative- Changing the mindset of workers in the refractory industry
  • COVID-19 awareness program-Growing awareness during pandemic situation
  • Core Safety Branding for Vesuvius - Guideline for flow control C (courage)O (Own)R(Respect)E (Explain)safety awareness promotion
  • Mission Zero Accidents for CEAT
  • Change Initiative for Vesuvius
  • COVID-19 awareness program for Scarborough cares and many more.

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Success Stories:

Zero accident initiative for CEAT

A safety conscious organization like CEAT Ltd wishes to keep its plant fully protected so that it’s employees can get a totally risk free environment. To ensure the same and to make the employees aware about the importance of safety, an impactful general safety awareness campaign is an excellent medium to be followed.

Solution highlights:

  • Eframe created a three minutes awareness Film for securing commitment from each employee to take personal pledge to avoid accidents.Additionally appropriate display material were also printed that emphasized on the correct behaviours to be practiced on floor.

Suraksha Veer - Road Safety Campaign by HUL

The requirement of Hindustan Unilever was to make the HUL employees aware about the importance of safety in life through the ‘Beyond Work’ Safety program. The idea was to generate a complete safety package for their employees that includes round the clock safety consciousness.

Eframe developed a catchy visual impact campaign, keeping in mind the national safety week. A safety campaign that includes round the clock safety consciousness: from LPG & Electrical Safety to First-Aid at Home, Experiential Fitness Activity, Stress Management, Road & Public place Safety.The campaign included designing printing and displaying danglers, posters, banners, standees highlighting all the significant messages to follow safety practices.

COVID-19 awareness campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for individuals, companies and countries. It necessitated widespread awareness about COVID-19 to combat the spreading of the virus. Scarborough cares, in association with Govt. of Canada, approached us with a view to launch an easily accessible non physical campaign for Canadian citizens with a focus on underprivileged communities and migrants.

Eframe created a holistic mega awareness program with attractive intelligible animated videos, graphic booklets, and other related paraphernalias for 360 degree coverage. The campaign was translated in eleven international languages. This campaign incorporated an evaluation program and certification was provided to all participants.

CORE Safety

Vesuvius India Ltd. conducts many campaigns throughout the year. CORE safety was conceptualized by Eframe based on the four components of the word ‘CORE’ - Courage, Ownership, Respect & Energy.

Awareness campaign on importance of BWS (Beyond Work Safety) for HUL

Vesuvius faced challenges as their workforce were not at all initiated into safety culture. There was also a knowledge gap in understanding the workflow, which led to a number of mishaps.

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