Standard Work Instruction (SWI)

All leading industries have their own standardized operation procedures for their core processes. In most cases, such processes are captured as texts which are based on manuals. These manuals are hardbound paper books with no digital version to be referred on-demand at the site of operation. Even where digitized versions are available, they are static and non-editable.


Provides digital, editable, animated or video based standard process flow that can be accessed from anywhere using desktop or mobile devices and even touch screen kiosks and also supports cloud-based platform and intranet.


  • Fast Authoring intuitive interface, or easily upload existing MS Office and PDF documents.
  • Multimedia Support to showcase best practices with visuals, photos and can be edited with built-in markup tools.
  • Instant Distribution releases newly approved versions across locations and devices quickly, making sure everyone is working from the current standard.
  • Train Employees with Consistency.