Virtual Reality (VR) Training:

CEAT Ltd. wanted to make a safety first module for their employees, concerning factors, such as- Emergency Evacuation, Firefighting, PPE selection.

Emergency evacuation:


Emergency Fire Evacuation within 90 seconds from the workplace to the Emergency Assembly point.

Solution highlights:

  • The importance of identifying and following the right safety signage.
  • Following Signage to evacuate through the correct route.
  • Crawling to avoid fire smoke obstructing the evacuation route.
  • Following the good practice of not placing any obstacle in the evacuation route.
  • Informative alert system to infer the best practices of what to and not to do during fire emergencies and maintaining emergency evacuation protocols.



VR Training on Fire Fighting guided by voice over and instructions

Solution Highlights:

  • Finding the source and cause of fire
  • Identifying the type of fire
  • Informing the concern person
  • Selection of right fire extinguisher
  • Extinguishing the fire



Identifying the right PPE for the right job.

Solution highlights:

  • Understanding Different PPE’s for over 100 different Type of jobs
  • Selection of Job specific PPEs
  • Virtual training for using the PPE
  • Evaluation processed through assessment.