Vesuvius Safety Audit Tool(VSAT)

Safety audit is an evidence collecting process. Audit evidence is used to evaluate how well the audit criteria are being met. Audits must be both objective and independent and the audit process must be both systematic and documented. Safety Audits are being conducted and carried out using traditional methods, so there is a possibility of information lagging. Here, Safety Audit tools digitize the auditing process with detailed real-time auditing for reporting and analysis through charts, tables and graphs.


  • Digitizing the audit process by storing all data in clouds.
  • Transforming activities and providing a Real-time platform for reporting and analysis.
  • Sharing reports to all the stakeholders in real-time.
  • Using complete safety audit status open-to-close cycle for making the whole process efficient and transparent.
  • Mobile friendly solution (like a Mobile App) where on-field Audit activities can be done fuss free.


  • Summarized, comprehensive and real time audit information at a glance with corporate dashboards displaying trend analysis through charts, tables, and different graphs.
  • Options for attaching pictures and recording voice clips with observations and view safety observations and history of the same.
  • A rich Visual Dashboard that helps to analyze Audit related activities quickly and effectively.
  • Automatic RPN (Risk Priority Number) calculation through the software.
  • Helps to store Internal audit related activities, data and processes of the organisation in a safe, secure web-based platform.
  • Provision to access audit data round the year.