Vesuvius Steel Plant Operational Safety

Vesuvius India Ltd. targeted at creating a video based training module for their contractual and permanent workforce to get acquainted with the necessary safety rules and guidelines related to workplace safety.

Organisational Objective:

As the employees were spread across a wide range of age, experience and educational background, the situation demanded a visual comprehensive training to be the most effective method in this case.

Solution Offered

  • Eframe meticulously identified the crucial safety hazards and created an entire module designed to cover all relevant points, typical of a steel plant. A detailed two and half hours of video content was then created in English & Hindi that included Blast-Furnace Management, Ladle-Slide Gate Management & Tundish management.
  • Additionally we developed training video on Contractor & Employee general Safety awareness.
  • Analysis of Dos and Don'ts was provided at each level of the module and a reminder was set for the trainees to check learning at each stage.
  • Uses of PPEs
  • Truck Driver & Traffic Marshall Safety
  • Dock & Yard Safety
  • Material Handling
  • Peak & PIT Safety
  • Conveyor & VRC Safety
  • Facility Safet
  • Lock Out Tag Out, Home Office Home, Permit To Work & TDR