Virtual Corporate Training

The new normal has necessitated that enterprises become agile and flexible so as to ensure employees can develop their skills even while working remotely. A number of companies are exploring virtual medium as a supplementary tool for corporate training and sooner than later it will be an imperative prerequisite for every organization.

Eframe arranges interactive live corporate training sessions to provide improved corporate ability for long-distance collaborative work. Our virtual corporate training is available both as a standalone training tool, and also as an entirely customised virtual learning scenario suitable for the organization.It can also be used to train soft skills, as learners can practice skills on-demand, in tailor made virtual scenarios like a trade show, press conference or a feedback session of employee.

Special features of Virtual Training:

  • Our Training Modules are scripted, depicted, narrated and presented by Industry experts with multidisciplinary qualification.
  • Big Screen Projection
  • Professional Camera
  • Croma Screen Background
  • Interactive Screen
  • High Speed Internet
  • Professional Manpower Support
  • Event Management

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Success Stories:

Vesuvius Virtual Corporate Training

Vesuvius decided to initiate a large scale corporate training program for its entire South Asia operations.

The Eframe team consulted and coordinated with the safety team of Vesuvius across South Asia and designed an extensive program. We allocated about 500 trainees in different slots and batches based on their need. A total 40 days training program was framed where we offered high tech infrastructure for carrying out the live training process across time zones for seamless execution.

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