e-Permit To Work(ePTW)

A Permit to Work System or PTW is a standard operational procedure to issue documented permission to perform tasks that are considered hazardous or non-routine.

e-PTW application is used to establish Control, Coordination and Communication following correct work sequences among the participating agencies through Desktop, tablet or mobile devices.


  • Digitally generating permits for various processes and saving time by reducing paper work.
  • Sorting out issues digitally by a mobile app making it user friendly
  • Aligning with Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process for seamless workflow
  • Integrating a range of procedures for high risk activities such as confined space, hot work etc. for digital input, for end to end solutions.


  • Full view of the entire work scenario to enable the in-charge to take correct and fast decisions.
  • Options to capture pictures, audio or video for assessment of pre/post PTW status.
  • Allows creating or attaching Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Task Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • Graphical representation of data analysis.
  • Secure Cloud Database and User-friendly Interface.
  • Compatible with Tablet/Smartphone

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