Audio Video (AV) Production

Human decision making requires emotional input and is based on auditory and imagery cues to make choices. So, clearly no technology is better at conveying the right message than a video.

Eframe makes Customized creative, persuasive and stylish Audio Video content on topical subjects like operational safety, contractor safety, visitor safety and many more. The customized lively and upbeat AV capsules are made for organizations keen on delivery of user friendly communication to all. These presentations generate excitement among the viewers and encourage them towards end to end safety culture.

Our expertise in AV Production are:

  • Operational Safety
  • Contractor Safety Videos on: Height work, Electrical Work, Hot work, Confined-space work, PTW, Emergency Preparedness, Safety Toolbox, Material Management & Handling, Chemical hazard handling, Rigging and many more.
  • Visitor’s Safety Briefing videos
  • Case Study videos

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Success Stories:

Amazon Operational Safety

Safety is now the top priority for any organization and Amazon, being a market leader, has resolved to guide their employees and visitors into an error free safety culture.

Organizational Objective (safety standard maintenance)

Eframe created a three hours training video module for Amazon on various topics related to Operational Safety by keeping in mind their existing and new employees. The video content was a total comprehensive package made in nine vernacular languages for safety awareness of their manpower.

Vesuvius Steel Plant Operational Safety :

Vesuvius India Ltd. targeted at creating a video based training module for their contractual and permanent workforce to get acquainted with the necessary safety rules and guidelines related to workplace safety.

Organisational Objective:

As the employees were spread across a wide range of age, experience and educational background, the situation demanded a visual comprehensive training to be the most effective method in this case.

CEAT Operational Safety

In a workshop of any company, risks are present at every step and this becomes a threat while performing any operation. So, it is necessary for each employee to maintain requisite safety protocol while performing any operation.

A video on operational safety was created for CEAT Limited. In this video, 25 steps which are involved in making a tyre were integrated and presented.

Coca-Cola Contractor Safety Videos:

Coca-Cola India wanted to make sure that their regular operation, loading and unloading process in factories are carried on safely, simultaneously ensuring safety of the workforce.

Eframe developed a total of nine safety modules by keeping the organizational objective in mind. The safety training videos emphasized the basic safety guidelines for the contractual workforce.

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