Process Digitization

The digital transformation presents opportunities to incorporate new ways of managing EHS. Innovative technologies can help better operationalize EHS management systems to drive continuous improvement.

Eframe’s process digitization services help organizations by enabling new capabilities through integration of digital technologies with core business operations. EHS managers and professionals will benefit from awareness of these trends and adapting accordingly. Our environmental safety solutions are compatible with Agile Technology/Mobility and Cloud and offer the potential to improve EHS performance in new and meaningful ways.

Our amenities for Digital transformation:

  • Web Based Solutions
  • App Based Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence(AI) based solutions
  • Desktop applications

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Success Stories:

Vesuvius Safety Audit Tool (VSAT)

Safety audit is an evidence collecting process. Audit evidence is used to evaluate how well the audit criteria are being met. Audits must be both objective and independent and the audit process must be both systematic and documented. Safety Audits are being conducted and carried out using traditional methods, so there is a possibility of information lagging. Here, Safety Audit tools digitize the auditing process with detailed real-time auditing for reporting and analysis through charts, tables and graphs.

Solution highlights:

  • Digitizing the audit process by storing all data in clouds.
  • Transforming activities and providing a Real-time platform for reporting and analysis.
  • Sharing reports to all the stakeholders in real-time.
  • Using complete safety audit status open-to-close cycle for making the whole process efficient and transparent.
  • Mobile friendly solution (like a Mobile App) where on-field Audit activities can be done fuss free.

e-Permit To Work (ePTW)

A Permit to Work System or PTW is a standard operational procedure to issue documented permission to perform tasks that are considered hazardous or non-routine.

e-PTW application is used to establish Control, Coordination and Communication following correct work sequences among the participating agencies through Desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Solution highlights:

  • Digitally generating permits for various processes and saving time by reducing paper work.
  • Sorting out issues digitally by a mobile app making it user friendly
  • Aligning with Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process for seamless workflow
  • Integrating a range of procedures for high risk activities such as confined space, hot work etc. for digital input, for end to end solutions.

Contractor Management System (CMS)

Contractor management software helps to manage work that is outsourced to contract workers or subcontractors. Integrated Contractor Management System helps to drive excellence in various business processes and enable to have an organised and sustainable administrative control over the temporary workforce.

Solution highlights:

  • Managing change through excellence driven Business Processes enablers
  • Furnishing Administrative Controls (Enlistment of contractors, Live digital attendance system, Contractual employees’ repository)
  • Ensuring Legal Compliance (Gate Pass issuance, Individual medical data record)
  • Corroborating with HSE parameters (Skill evaluation & mapping, Induction training or accreditation)
  • Cost optimization through implementation of various administrative controls.

Standard Work Instruction (SWI)

All leading industries have their own standardized operation procedures for their core processes. In most cases, such processes are captured as texts which are based on manuals. These manuals are hardbound paper books with no digital version to be referred on-demand at the site of operation. Even where digitized versions are available, they are static and non-editable.

Solution highlights:

  • Understanding Different PPE’s for different Type of jobs.
  • Provides digital, editable, animated or video based standard process flow that can be accessed from anywhere using desktop or mobile devices and even touch screen kiosks and also supports cloud-based platform and intranet.
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